Promotion for Canzine: Shop Announcement!

Description of our items for sale:

Cryptid Crew: A zine about cryptids! A ‘pilot’, if you will for, for a comedy about Batsquatch, Mothman, Flatwoods Monster and Fresno Nightcrawler being squatters in the woods somewhere.

Tea for Tea: A pin-up zine featuring transgender men, by trans men for trans men (mlm-centric)! Featuring scenarios like Greco-roman, vintage beach day, bikers, art models, and more! A celebration of trans men’s bodies spanning across various ethnicities, abilities, and body types.

Uncohesive Jargon: A part poetry/part illustrated manifesto about conformity, rebellion, gender, love, and art.

HECTOR: Some never-before-seen comics from my ongoing weekly (or so) webcomic titled HECTOR. It’s a pen-and-ink (no pencil) comic about daily life, mental health, relationships, and more!

Print: I’m also welling a print of a skull in a bed of poisonous flowers, 11×14.

Sex Ed for Trans Men: A post that I made on here before got some traction, but I’m very excited about this project! It’s a sex education booklet by and for transgender male youth. It features items like relationships, safer sex, prosthetics/toys, and way more! We are both illustrating parts of it and we are very excited about this project! I also designed a bonus sticker pack to come with it.

A Quick Zine About Comics: This one is mostly done by me (River) but Wake helped with the timeline and some of the other technicals! This is a zine about making comics, some stuff I wish I knew beforehand, and all the fun stuff involved in it.

Moss and Oz Save the Galaxy!: A printed portion of our collaborative project for our last two semesters of school. It’s a fun and funky science fiction comic featuring two outlaws! The webcomic updates are currently paused in favour of other projects, but we hope to get back to it! This printed version also features concept art and other aspects of the developing process.

Thanks for reading and for sharing!

Note: We plan to make the zines available for cheaper as PDFs on Gumroad after the event!