I write and draw comics.

I work with pen and ink as well as digital art. I also experiment with pastels, charcoals, and other materials. I work in black and whites or with vivid colours. I am currently trying to expand my sense of realism in my practice, and I am also working on what styles I want to use in my work.

I have experience writing scripts for comics, as well as short films. I have experience working with and reviewing scripts for both technical skill as well as artistic and storytelling merit. I am drawn to stories that play on the unexpected and explore diversity. In my fiction writing, I explore science fiction, fantasy, and horror.


The Curse of Clan Blackwood is my first graphic novel, published in 2021 by Wildstar Press. It is a 60 page story inspired by gothic aesthetics similar to Poe, in which a young man is cursed, and his curse affects the one he loves most. It plays with queering some horror tropes, as well as playing out as an allegory for colonialism and white supremacy.

My long running comic project is Hector, which originated as an autobiographical work but has very much grown into a life of his own.

Zine Shop

All of my zines are available on Gumroad, many of which are free to download.