Author: River Kero

Portfolio Update

I have been working on lots of art, including finishing illustrating a kid’s book! Samples of my favourite stuff will now be in my portfolio page. Thanks!

Hector Update!

Finally FINALLY uploaded all of the Hector comics I’ve done recently into my webcomic site. Please check out the link on the top bar! And here’s the one I did today.

Grad show (and internship!)

Currently rocking an internship where I do script reading/analysis for a talent agency. I will not be able to talk specifics (names etc) due to my NDA, but I hope to make some comics about my experiences soon! Also I’m happy to announce that my collaborative webcomic with Wake Darrah Cook has updated! I’m adding…

I made a Zine today!

I wanted to attend a protest today but I was unable, so I made a zine that’s free to download and distribute. BLMDownload

New Comic updates!

Check out the tabs above!

My Collaborative Comic Updated!

Please follow the link to check it out:

A quick WIP of some of my collaborative art! Sketch and colours by Wake Cook, lines and text and character design by me~

I finished my NaNoWriMo project today!

I’m very pleased– I met my word count at the end of April but I still had to wrap some stuff up, so the first draft of my novel “Who Is Benjamin Black?” is finally done! I’m gonna let it sit in my hard drive until Nanowrimo July and edit the crap outta that bad…

Tally-Ho, more comics!

I’ve done a new Hector comic today, and I’ve also been making progress with my collaborative comic with my partner Wake Cook! The inks were done by me, the sketch done by them c: I feel like I’ve learned a lot over this past year about making comics. I hope I’ve improved!

Working working

I’m slaving away on Monsoon and hopefully we’ll get somewhere soon………