I currently participate in THREE super-cool webcomics!

Moss and Oz Save the Galaxy!

A queer-camp science fiction webcomic about aliens, space, and aliens in space! A collaborative comic.

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Click here to see Wake Darrah Cook’s portfolio!

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A noir webcomic. Two childhood friends commit a murder together, and now they have to dispose of the body. Things spiral out of control as the story leads to a deep-running science fiction corporate conspiracy.

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Read on Tapastic!


A pen-and-ink webcomic about life, gender, mental health, art, and relationships. Hector thinks he has a good handle on these things… pretty much.

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NOTE: If you go onto my Tapastic page I do have the webcomics there up until this winter, but unfortunately the site is just way too fussy for me to bother with for something like this. I might consider using it again in the future, but for now I’m just gonna use my socials as well as this website.