Promotion for Canzine: Shop Announcement!

Description of our items for sale: Cryptid Crew: A zine about cryptids! A ‘pilot’, if you will for, for a comedy about Batsquatch, Mothman, Flatwoods Monster and Fresno Nightcrawler being squatters in the woods somewhere. Tea for Tea: A pin-up zine featuring transgender men, by trans men for trans men (mlm-centric)! Featuring scenarios like Greco-roman,…

I’m Exhibiting at Canzine this year!

Happy to announce that I will be selling some merchandise at Canzine this year! I’m very pleased about it and I just can’t wait!

The Curse of Clan Blackwood

I forgot to mention that my comic has been accepted for publishing by an indie comic company! Estimate that it will be ready for release March or April of next year. Keep an eye out!

Hector Schedule!

What it says on the tin.


Hi everyone! I’ll be making regular updates to my Patreon and posting announcements here, on Twitter, IG, etc.! It would be super awesome if you could follow me on there and help me continue to make my art! Thanks!

Comic Art Update!

Still working on my project for (maybe hopefully) publication!

A Practical Guide to Herbs and Fungi

I’m very pleased with my new concept for a short horror story! Cover illustrations are now in the portfolio. My idea for these two illustrations is that the first one is the exterior cover, but the second one is under the dust jacket!

Portfolio Update

I have been working on lots of art, including finishing illustrating a kid’s book! Samples of my favourite stuff will now be in my portfolio page. Thanks!

Hector Update!

Finally FINALLY uploaded all of the Hector comics I’ve done recently into my webcomic site. Please check out the link on the top bar! And here’s the one I did today.

Grad show (and internship!)

Currently rocking an internship where I do script reading/analysis for a talent agency. I will not be able to talk specifics (names etc) due to my NDA, but I hope to make some comics about my experiences soon! Also I’m happy to announce that my collaborative webcomic with Wake Darrah Cook has updated! I’m adding…